KCS Kuhlmann Convention Service was founded in 2002, dedicated to offering a comprehensive, personal and trusted service for all convention needs, be they large or small. Over the years we have served many customers – mostly national and international associations/societies, universities and international organizations – enabling them to successfully conduct their meetings (e.g. workshops, conferences and congresses) in Europe (particularly in Germany and Switzerland, but also in Austria, France, Belgium, Spain and the United Kingdom), North America (Canada and U.S.A.) and Asia (China, Malaysia and Bali).

We offer a convention management package designed to assist customers fulfil their role as conference/meeting/workshop organizers. We do this primarily by taking over responsibility for several key components of the organizational process that are generally recognized by our customers as being the most time-consuming or logistically-challenging. We provide a tailor-made service dedicated to offering support in multiple areas, including coordination, registration management, conference website, local organization and finance management.

Our conference service is supported by our fully-serviced conference management programme, which comprises a variety of tools to facilitate the establishment of, for example, i) a dedicated conference webpage, ii) an online area to enable session organizers to manage public calls, iii) an online registration and abstract submission platform, and/or iv) a portal where session chairs can evaluate poster and paper submissions. We take care to tailor and manage these tools in line with our customers’ specific needs, meaning that they do not need to worry about these often laborious and time-consuming tasks.

Our fully-serviced conference management tool guarantees excellent user experience for both convention organizers and participants, and significantly contributes to the successful and efficient realization of an event.