We offer a convention management package designed to assist customers in fulfilling their role as conference/meeting/workshop organizers. We do this primarily by taking over responsibility for several key components of the organizational process that are generally recognized by our customers as being the most time-consuming or logistically-challenging. We provide a tailor-made service dedicated to offering support in multiple areas, including coordination, registration management, conference website, local organization and finance management.

Conference Work Plan:

– Development of a conference work plan, representing the roadmap for the conference

Conference Organizing Team:

– Coordination of the team responsible for organizing the conference

– Provision of consultancy and guidance for team members

Conference Correspondence:

– Conference correspondence with delegates and invited speakers, preparation of email announcements

Registration Payment Management:

– Provision of an online platform to receive registration fee payments and to issue invoices and receipts

– Monitoring of incoming fees

– Provision of a secure online credit card payment platform

Online Support Tools:

We take care to tailor and manage the following on-line support tools for our customers:

– An online tool for session organizers to announce and manage public calls for sessions

– An online platform for registration and abstract submission

– An online platform where Session Chairs can access and evaluate paper/poster submissions


– Compilation of reports, including, a summary of registration and payment transactions, an overview of the submitted paper/poster contributions, the results of the Session Chair reviews, etc.

Website management

– Creation of a tailored conference website

– Designation of a web domain for the conference

– Continual updating and maintenance of website

Conference Venue:

- Assistance locating suitable conference venue, including establishment of venue profile, issuing of request for proposals, and comparison/assessment of offers

Hotel Arrangement Options:

– Investigation of room block reservations with local tourist offices and/or hotels

Personnel Planning for Local Assistance:

– Establishment of a personnel plan

– Provision of job descriptions and assistance in familiarising staff members with their jobs

Name tags, Registration Fee Receipts, and Give-Aways:

– Provision of name tags, registration fee receipts, meal voucher(s), personalized envelopes, etc.

– Organisation of conference bags and give-away item

Social Programme and Catering:

– Investigations and negotiations for F&B arrangements

– Follow-up and correspondence with caterers and restaurants

Conference Exhibitors:

– Communication with conference exhibitors, including coordinating and issuing invoices

Local On-Site Presence:

– Provision of on-site service¸ including monitoring and assisting with conference activities

Conference Budget:

– Preparation of a conference budget detailing the estimated expenses and income

Conference Payments Banking / Accounts Options:

The following options are available for account management:

  1. Authorisation by the customer for KCS to access the customer’s conference account and manage payment transactions, income and expenditure on behalf of the customer
  2. Administering of the conference registration fees by KCS using a KCS-owned account
  3. Independent management of the funds by the customer using their own conference account. In this case the customer regularly provides KCS with an Excel report detailing registration fees received to date

In all options above, KCS will act on behalf of the customer.

Invoice management:

– Accounts payable and accounts receivable, including inspection of incoming invoices to ensure accuracy and correspondence with suppliers

Closure Financial Report

– Provision of final financial report including final summary of registration fee income